About us


At Worldtech Consult, we are dedicated to helping provide life-sustaining solutions to those in need, anywhere in the world. Our products are off-grid and require little to no maintenance. Our advanced technology in solar energy and ice thermal energy storage allows us to provide those in need with cold storage facilities, clean drinking water and renewable energy. We have spent several years perfecting and creating a life-saving solution for smallholder farmers, market women and youth who have the resources to preserve food and obtain clean water, but where did it begin.

Founded in 2013.

Worldtech Consult, a national leader in customized solar powered charge station for rural dwellers won us our first award, a proof of concept. A programme dubbed “Impact and Profit”.

After years of research and development in alternative power sources which our company suffered dearly during Ghana’s worst power outages. We were looking for easier way to provide energy for our operations and services for our customers. We realized the potential of solar energy solutions. Smallholder farmers complained of lack of storage facilities and reliable electricity. There were empty rooms but didn’t fit best for storage for perishables. We designed our first prototype after rigorous interviews and discussions with key stakeholders in the food value chain. So we carried out our mission to create solar powered cold mini-warehouse that can help reduce post harvest losses on farms and market centres.

More About Worldtech Consult

We are on a mission to reduce post harvest losses on farms and market centers. We have a dream to install 3000 cold room across Ghana. Our specialty is establishing strategic service centres throughout the country for customers who demand low-cost, customized 24/7 warehousing fulfillment services for their consumer goods, dry and refrigerated products.

Worldtech Consult has become one of the nation’s leading mobile cold storage service providers hoping to have operations nationwide through strategic partnerships. Our plant service smallholder farmers and schools. We have won Awards: Impact and Profit organized by British Council Ghana, Climate LaunchPad organized by Ghana Centre Innovations and Climate (GCIC), Pitchstorm 3.0 organized by Techpoint Africa.

Our Core Values

In nearly 10 years of operations, Worldtech Consult has built reputation of dependability and trust. More than simply serving the business needs of our many customers. Worldtech Consult empowers people to dream bigger. We do so by solving problems and opening the doors of possibility. Whether it’s trimming the manufacturing process, handling goods with care, or introducing innovative technology such as solar energy products or ice thermal energy storage technology to our customers, Worldtech Consult expands your vision of what you can accomplish.

If you have additional questions about Worldtech Consult and our products and services, please contact us at 0200300618.

Biography of Siabi Paul Senaye

CEO of Worldtech Consult

Siabi Paul Senaye is a serial entrepreneur, farmer, leader, motivational speaker and Founder and CEO of Worldtech Consult. A successful entrepreneur of many years, Siabi’s heart is to help others succeed in the visions, dreams and ideas God has given them. Worldtech Consult was founded in 2013 but was officially registered under the laws of Ghana in 2013. As a young man living in Goaso in the Ahafo Region. Today, Worldtech Consult is a nationwide provider of cold storage services with over 237 clients.

As Siabi travelled throughout Ghana, lack of power, refrigeration and clean water was creating daily crisis and continuing a cycle of malnutrition and poor health, poor living conditions, educational setbacks, poverty and the inability to expand business and resources.

Our products are designed to provide instant infrastructure to remote and underdeveloped areas, empowering smallholder farmers and businesses to convert and monetize their own natural resources through the power of solar energy.

Today, Worldtech Consult is constructing a modern innovative entrepreneurial Hub where series of curricula training will be held producing hundreds of successful leaders and entrepreneurs. Siabi Paul Senaye has identified the gap between academia and the job sector. Learners are only trained for exams but not for the industry.

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